Creators of meta humans and aggregator of virtual influencer IPs, disrupting the advertising + web3 ecosystem through new age IP influencers, virtual humans.

What we do

Redefining trans media storytelling and human connection by the means of meta human, connecting physical world to the digital

Our approach


Compelling personalities and stories that breathe life into the digital characters


Latest technology as used by industry artists and professional game designers to bring 3D characters to life


Data-driven content gathered from real everyday conversations to ensure we are speaking to the right target audience


Meta humans who serve their intended purposes with flawless, tailor-made DNA.

The hit 19-years-old ‘Jaksel’ girl, born out of the creation of Future Creative Network (FCN) and Volix & Infia Group
21-years-old aspiring dangdut singer from Ngawi, brainchild of Future Creative Network (FCN) and Ujung-Ujungnya Dangdut (UUD)
Belinda Luis

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Melvin Christian

Chief Product Officer (CPO)


Creative Director